Special thanks to the DRY RIDGE FIRE DEPARTMENT for bringing their big bucket truck to the entrance today. They got the rope back up & we got the new flag back up. It will remain up until shortly after Veterans Day. Then the flag will come down and be raised again in the spring. Thanks again !!!

Crittenden FD was asked last year with no results.

What is Simplisafe?


They now have sensors for glass breakage, carbon monoxide, water/flood, freezing pipes and smoke detectors. Forget ADT and their FREE SYSTEM. Nothing is ever “FREE” You are locked into a 2 or 3 year contract that will cost you over a thousand dollars.

This system you buy, you own, you install (ALL WIRELESS). No land line needed either. Choose to have it monitored for as little as $14.99 per month or chose NOT to have it monitored. Your choice. Moving – take it with you.

If you decide to order – drop us a line at the contact us tab and we “may” be able to get you an additional 5% off your order. We will need your email address.

How much are you spending on energy vampires? It’s scary how much you could save.

Even when they aren’t switched to the “on” position, energy vampires – TVs, laptops, cellphones, chargers and even coffee makers – are slowly draining electricity and money from your wallet.

According to the Department of Energy, vampire loads are responsible for approximately 5 percent of the energy consumed in the United States, costing electric customers more than $3 billion each year. Turn off your lights at night to see where some of the energy vampires lurk. Standby lights are telltale signs that your power is slowly draining even though the product isn’t in use.


KY2948 (Ruark Road) Update

Just got off the phone with the State Highway Department engineer. They assured me KY2948 (Ruark Road) is scheduled to have areas resurfaced this year. Will it be in a week or 4 weeks all depends on the weather and the contractors time table. But this year is a definite. So be patient.

Best Halloween set up on the street

Stop by and see Ray & Pat Walker’s setup on Halloween at 349 Claiborne Drive. While you may not see much right now, Halloween night you will. May be a little scary for the little ones but still bring them by Oct 31st and if they are too scared they will still ensure they get a treat. I would post a picture here, but that would spoil the surprise.

New arrivals get informed

When a new family to the neighborhood moves in they are sent a WELCOME LETTER. This welcome letter provides them the web page and other critical information they may need. If they live close by you, it is always nice to say hi. Everyone is different. Some like to socialize, others just want to be left alone. Neither is a bad thing or good thing. Being different makes life wonderful. Imagine how boring life would be if we were all alike.

The main reason for this post is to let you know that EVERYONE who moves in gets the web page site and informed that their are restrictions. We have found out over time that realtors, and even sellers either or intentionally or not seem to leave out that information in order to help the sale. That is why we also inform every realtor who list a home FOR SALE that their are restrictions.

So there is no real need for anyone to yell to the new people moving in that they better follow the rules. We got that covered just fine – thank you.