Crimes in the local area

Multiple cars were broken into over the past 2 nights in the Harvesters neighborhood in Crittenden. Please take all your valuables out of your vehicles at night and keep the doors locked. Please report any crime tips either by calling or using our crime tip line found at the top of our page.

Dry Ridge police said two men, one with a gun, walked into the Speedway gas station on Taft Highway just before midnight.

The men went behind the counter and ordered the clerk to open two cash drawers.

When the clerk couldn’t open one of the drawers, she was struck in the head with the gun.

The men fled on foot with cash and cigarettes, police said. The clerk was taken to a hospital, where several staples were needed to close the gash in her head.

No arrests have been made so far.

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At the end of “our” street

Trash at the end of our road IMG_6478 IMG_6479 IMG_6480

Only takes a few to trash up the street. This is sad. If you see it, feel free to help by picking up what you can and doing your part to help the overall community.

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Propane Pre-buy Suburban

If you heat with propane and use Suburban Propane they have a pre-buy offer. The pre-buy option allows you to buy NOW vs as you use it. This is by far the best offer (if you can afford it). Cost is $2.49 per gal now.

Last year the pre-buy was $2.39 per gal and if you did not do this, the cost rose to over $5.00 per gal due to the long cold winter and the shortages. Something to consider if you can afford it.

385 gal at $2.49 = over $950

385 gal at $4.99 = over $1900




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Mailboxes & parts ideas.

The original mailboxes on the street came from Rita’s of Owenton, KY and their cost for unpainted is $249, painted is $369 The parts are NOT universal so any parts you buy (if they even have any) may not work.

You can have one delivered to your door that is better built, black powder-coated and all parts are universal. That place is: and theirs are $239 delivered to your door. There are 4 of these better one on the street so far.


Seems like a NO BRAINER to me on this one.


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If you have neighbors who are letting their dogs run loose and they are causing you a problem, call animal control to report it. Understand the law indicates the dog must be under their control (which may not even involve being on a leash) So before you report it understand THE LAWS vs you OPINION of the Laws. A dog off the leash is NOT AGAINST the law if it is in your yard, or if it is under your control as it walks down the street, etc.

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20 MPH

The speed limit on our street is 20 MPH. How many of you go 30 or more? We have children playing up and down the road so please S L O W   D O W N.  Some have small pets as well and they can dart out even faster than a child. A dog was just hit this week and the person driving was one of the few that drives slow all the time. The dog is alive and depending on the next few weeks may or may not lose the leg.

So once again we have CHILDREN and dogs on the street along with an occasional turtle and cat, so please SLOW DOWN.









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Flag still not up

Looks like no flag this year. The rope is the wrong size. We need a certain rope. Cost about $40. Then we need someone with a truck to get the new rope up there and on the pulley. This will cost about $150 from the flag company to send their truck, put the new rope on and check things out. Then the flag (which I have not ordered yet) cost about $80. Anybody want to help go to the contact tab and let us know. Otherwise, no flag.

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