Simpli-Safe Alarm System

Low Cost self installed Alarm System

Forget ADT and their “free system” that will cost you a multi-year contract and several thousand dollars. Get Simpli-safe. Get the items you want, NO CONTRACT, do or do not have it monitored, NO LAND LINE required, and add to it as you want over time. 24/7 Police Monitoring for as low as $14.99 per month. Example: Pay to have it monitored for 3 months, then cancel for 4 months, then back on for 2 months as you need.

Endorsed by Glenn Beck, Rush Limbaugh, Dave Ramsey, Sean Hannity and many more

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Ruark Road Clean up

I contacted the Grant County Detention Center and they will be coming out soon to clean up the trash “some people” have been throwing out on the road. Unfortunately a few feel the need or the right to do this. Hopefully we can get some cameras set up soon to catch them in the act. My guess is that a $500 fine will change their mind. POSTED on 8/13/14

UPDATED INFO: 8/14/14 Ruark Road was cleaned up today by the Grant County Detention Center personnel & inmates. Thanks for all they do. NOTE: Making a phone call was all it took.

UPDATED: INFO: 8/15/14 Ruark already has trash on it. Has to be coming from people who travel Ruark road frequently, live in the immediate area, based on the location and the fact this is not a through road.


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Please follow the rules

Living in the subdivision is easy. Read the rules, follow the rules and no problems. Do not follow them and you may get informed of the problem. Do not comply and you may get informed again. Still decided to not follow them may result in court actions. It has happened in the past to others. If the problem gets elevated to the court you may (and most likely will) be asked to pay court cost on top of being required to comply. To avoid any issues “simply follow the rules”

The restrictions are here for a reason. They are to be followed to the letter, but still we have a few who “may have forgotten” some things in the restrictions. For instance:

A. Garbage cans out of sight. Place them in your garage or behind your home

B. No boats, campers or trailers in front (or the side) of the home. Store them behind the back of the home. The limit line is the back wall of the home.Not beside the home.

C. Required 12 “foundation” evergreens. This means around the foundation of your home. Gives your home and the neighborhood better curb appeal.

D. Fences. We have one fence that the posts are there but mesh wire runs between each post. The fence needs to have wood slats running between each post, not just the mesh fencing.

If you see someone who is NOT following the rules, do not assume it has gone unnoticed or that actions are not being taken. You may be assuming wrong.

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Posted – No Trespassing

There are new signs at the end of the road. NO TRESPASSING. Seems some have felt the right to run 4 wheelers on the land behind the homes on Clairborne Drive. This is property owned by Bill Wilson and there is no trespassing allowed on this land without direct permission from him.


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As you can see the entrance is weed free again. These weeds and trash do not disappear on their own. These weeds grow very fast. In case you ever feel like pulling weeds, feel free to do so. The person doing it now uses a weed (but not grass) type killer mixed and also hand pulls many of them in with the other vegetation up there.

The person doing it now is “NOT” on any payroll nor receives any type on reimbursement for his efforts or supplies. The reward is the entrance looking good for EVERYONE.

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More Crimes of opportunity

Is your garage door open while you are out back or in the house? If so this gives some an opportune time to grab & go. In Dry Ridge last week some in a subdivision were hit like this. Garage door was open, car in the garage and they got in & got out with what they could. DO NOT give them the opportunity to take advantage of you.

Lock your doors, your vehicle doors and when NOT in the garage, close it. Sad it has come to this but you must protect your property.

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Road Repairs on the way

As you drive down Ruark Road you can see markings on it. Last year we discussed some issues with District 6 and they indicated they were working to do some major road repairs next year. Well, next year is here so hopefully the repairs will hold up this time.

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