Energy saving tip

FYI – Energy saving story to share. An idea for others to save because it all adds up over time.

The end of the Sept billing cycle I purchased $120 worth of LED light bulbs from Lowes. They were the Utilitech LED Bulbs These are the daylight ones who have a brighter white light vs the soft while which displays a more yellow tint. The color is a matter of preference. Daylight vs soft white. The link for Lowe’s shows the Daylight.

I replaced every bulb in our home to include all florescent ones with these LED bulbs. My electric bill last month was $140. This month it was $61.21. I did run the AC some in Sept and very little in Oct so that accounts for some drop.

The November bill (even with having Thanksgiving and cooking turkeys in an electric oven) was still only $67.79 so the savings over a 2 or 3 month period will easily pay for the bulbs.

In order to get better idea knowing less AC always makes the bill drop, I went back to Jan 2014 billing history to review all the data I could over a longer period of time. The $61 bill for October, $67 bill for November and now $66 are the three lowest bills I have had in 36 months.

I just wanted to share my story in case you ever wondered if it would save much money. The LED bulbs when first on the market were expensive but have been dropping in price to make them more affordable. Something to consider. More money in your pockets vs their pockets.

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Did you know there are sex offenders living within just a few miles of Claiborne Estates? If you have monitoring services you can get alerts of anyone who is a registered sex offender moving into the area close by. Two new ones are less than 3 miles from here. Here is a way to search your area.

Sex Offender local search

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