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The Shemitah

There is a book called The Mystery of the Shemitah. Go to the library. Get the book and ready it. Amazing lesson from history.

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The cost to maintain the entrance to Claiborne Estates is NOT free.

The reason for posting this is – there was a conversation with someone on the street who wanted to know why we had an HOA and why we would need money (HOA FEES) from residents. Here is a brief breakdown of what we know some of the costs are. Just from what we know as far as routine fees we come to $1750 per year. That does NOT count any legal fees for mailings, lawyers to enforce violations (yes we have had several).

The below items cost money and are not provided for free. The only items on this list that we do not know the exact amount on is the number of mowing per year or the electric bill, but with two – 150 Watt bulbs for the entrance and one 300 Watt bulb for the flag, sundown to sunrise this is my best guess.

The mulch does not include labor with was provided by three residents at NO COST. Also if you calculate 6 new evergreen blue junipers, 1 new clematis vine, 4 new flowering bushes which one resident provided at no charge and labor to plant, water, fertilize – the residents are getting a very sweet deal. Also the fact that one resident goes to the entrance every few weeks and pulls weeds, waters and provides fertilizer.

We also had to replace the rope on the flag pole. The rope was NOT free either. But it took 3 months of finally finding someone who would replace that rope for zero cost to us. Otherwise a flagpole company would have charged us $225 to come from Cincinnati with a truck big enough to reach the top. A special thanks to the Dry Ridge Fire Department helping out a Veteran ended up being the key to getting the rope replaced.

NOTE: The legal fees to take care of past issues are not free either. We were informed that just to file is $500. And the lawyers fees to ensure the HOA is correct on any issues are in the thousands.

Flag $75.00 Per flag – 1 per year
Mowing of entrance $50.00 Per mowing (est) 20 mowings = $1000 per year
Replacing Mulch $175.00 For 5 loads at $35 per load
Light bulbs for lighting $7.00 Per Bulb (est 12 per year – $84 total)
Electric Bill for lights $35.00 Per month = $420 per year

So who has been paying for this since 1999 when the subdivision was created? Bill Wilson the developer has. Out of his pocket. We (the residents of Claiborne Estates) should say THANK YOU to Mr. Wilson for this. If you add all of the averaged cost for the past 16 years we are up to an estimated cost of $28K.

Thanks Mr. Wilson for all your help and generosity over the years.

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Be vigilant — always

Threat to Military members & their families

An Army intelligence bulletin is warning U.S. military personnel to be vigilant after Islamic State militants called on supporters to scour social media for addresses of their family members – and to “show up [at their homes] and slaughter them.”

The FBI issued a warning to members of the U.S. military that ISIS is calling for attacks against them, according to a law enforcement source, saying that “overseas based individuals are looking for like-minded individuals in the U.S. to carry out these attacks.”

“We also request members of the military review their online social media presence for any information that might attract the attention of violent extremists,” the bulletin said, advising that members of the military “use caution and practice operational security when posting.”

The new FBI bulletin includes a concern that ISIS members are “spotting and assessing” individuals in the U.S. who they believe may be interested in carrying out attacks on U.S. soil against members of the U.S. military, a U.S. counter-terror official tells CNN.

It is critically important that we as a community always be vigilant of all possible threats. Break-ins, strange vehicles in the areas. people you do not normally see here. Security is also important whether it be leaving your yard lights on, security motion detection lights and even cameras. The level of protection & security is your decision.

Situational awareness is critical. Know who is around you, keep your eyes & ears open. Listen, Look and be Aware – ALWAYS. Remember if you need to call 911, you will most likely NOT have any help arrive for 10 (if you are lucky) to 30 minutes (maybe longer). Depending on Law Enforcement to arrive on time in life & death situations is just something you can never fully count on. And the police will tell you that. 

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WOW – that street sale was a success. Lots of traffic, lots of people set up and lots of great items for sale. This community sure is looking great and the street sale was showing that as well.

Even if you live here and do not set up, take a walk and meet those who are set up. Beautiful people for sure.

Here is hoping next year is just as good as this year. Remember that they are “normally” held about the 3rd Sat in July. Just keep that in mind, mark your calendars and watch for the flyers.


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Property Values in the future

When you purchased your home here did you intend to sell in the future? Life throws us many changes, some good and some bad. Some cause is to move from either a new addition to the family where you need more room or a passing of a spouse which means you can not take care of it and it is time to move on. No matter what the reason we all hope to sell our home for more than what we paid for it.

So what effects our property values? Current markets and selling prices of like properties in the local area. This means a like type subdivision with like homes, layout effects our prices just as much as our home values effect their prices.

What are some of the things that will effect the price of your home?

a. clean, good curb appeal as in landscaping, trees, well maintained lawns

b. vinyl, brick front, brick sides, brick all the way around

c. inside can be many things such as wood vs carpet, finished basement vs not, granite tops vs other types. There are so many factors to add value to the home.

For some reason some get very defensive when they hear we have restrictions and an HOA here. Those restrictions and HOA were set up to help you, not the developer in the long term. One day the developer will move on and the HOA will continue to keep those restriction in place to help EVERYONE.

That is when the Board of Directors steps up to the plate and keep this street looking like the street you picked to buy a home on. Many may not understand that having an HOA, having restrictions, and following them 100% helps every homeowner to hold those property values up and that is the one thing each homeowner can control for their own home and help each of their neighbors as well.

We can not control the markets but we can take care of our homes. Doing so means keeping the drive ways and from clean from clutter, trash cans out of sight, clean the black/green mold off the roof and sidings. Keeping your yards mowed (the entire yard). Putting up the proper fencing. None of these things in the restrictions are hard, expensive or time consuming for anyone. So please consider you own home and do what you can to help yourself and your neighbors.

The ARK that is coming to Grant County may also help as many new residents may be coming to the area for new homes. Nothing draws more in than a street of great looking homes. We are sure many of you purchased here because of how nice the street looked. Our goal is to ensure it stays that way for everyone to get the most bang for their bucks they have invested in their homes.

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355 Claiborne FOR SALE

Click the below link for the MLS.

Why do people move? Job transfers, growing families, shrinking families, marital status changes, getting older or some just ready for a change. There are many reasons to put your home up for sale and many reasons to buy. The cycle of life is ever changing year by year.


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Entrance Maintenance

FYI – mowing of the entrance is contracted and the HOA President of the Board of Directors has been paying for this service along with the utilities, flags, supplies & mulch since the entrance was set up approx 15 years ago.  Residents are not charged any for any of the costs to maintain the entrance at this time.

Pulling the weeds at the entrance if NOT contracted and you can if you so wish to do so, pull some weeds at the entrance to OUR subdivision. If you do so please DO NOT remove any items planted or add to the planted items as this is being managed at no cost.

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