Scotts vs TruGreen News

Are you a faithful Scotts or TruGreen customer?

Guess what – they are one and the same now. TruGreen now owns Scotts. Service trucks will have a new look soon with a TruGreen/Scotts name. When you call Scotts it goes to the TruGreen distribution center. All lawn care products will now be TruGreen products as well.

Want or considering service – call or email Randy Julian (they guy who actually does this route). Call or email him direct at: 941-932-0726 Cell (Text or Call) Email at


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There are some people riding 4 wheelers on the farm land to the south of the subdivision and at the end of the road to the west as well. This is private property and no one is to be 4 wheeling on the land.

A few weeks back there was a 4 wheeler doing surveying and there was another looking at the land to possibly buy, but they had permission.

Spread the word that the police will be called on anyone without permission on the property.

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LAND FOR SALE “Melton Real Estate” $388,500 for 111 acres ($3500 per acre)

As you may have seen the farm land to the south of the subdivision that was at one time going to be additional homes is now FOR SALE. It is zoned as agricultural farm land. I will post the actual listing once it shows up. I think it is close to 100 acres of land. No I do not know the cost yet.

Agent: Mike Melton Office: Melton Real Estate LLC / 432500093
Phone: 513-658-2082 Phone: 859-428-2081
Marketing Remarks: 111 Acres of Prime Farm land. Has been zoned R2 but its current use is Agricultural. City water available. Large creek running through property. Excellent property that offers a lot of potential. Well maintained and ready for your imagination. Beautiful tract to build your dream home, or establish your horse farm. Offers privacy, yet convenience. This farm is priced to sell! Don’t miss it!

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USPS Address Database updated

When I first created this site I posted in the NEW OWNERS tab information for the correct mailing address. I go in and check for changes and found out that the USPS has changed that information. While you will still get you mail, the correct street name in the USPS database now matches the entrance and street sign. The spelling is shown as CLAIBORNE.

If you want to verify this go to the “mail address verification” link on the right side of the page and click it. It will show you your address and your zip with the 4 digit extension. Just wanted to drop you a line with the changes.

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The Future is here

I think we all want to be optimistic but there are times when that is hard to do. But as of the first meeting of the new HOA board members and the developer I see a positive future for all of us. We all want to live in a great neighborhood. We want to be proud of it when outsiders visit. And I think we are and will continue to be long into the future. This first steps of many, will be a learning curve for everyone, but in the end it will help all of us.

More info will be filtered to all residents in the coming months on what 2017 will bring. How we react to the information will set the tone for things to come. There is no way to make every person 100% happy 100% of the time. But please give things time to work out. These board members are as new to this as you are as homeowners and remember they are homeowners who will follow the same guidance as you will.

Give them a chance to help us all


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Road Signs

I am contacting the county road department to see if we need any additional speed limit signs on the road. We have one at the entrance and one approx half way down, but we still have many who exceed the limit.

We have some children who walk and bike in the road and my fear is one will get hit when the few who speed up & down the road. PLEASE SLOW DOWN.


Maybe we can get some of these signs and add them to the street.


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Fixed, replaced or removed

The entrance wall light photocell sensors have been replaced and hopefully will ensure the lights are NOT staying on during the daylight, which does effect the electric bill. The lights were replaced some time ago with new LED ones using a lot less wattage.

Pieces of concrete that someone broke off and threw to the ground have been picked up.

Metal trellises for vine that keeps falling over has been disposed of.

Flag has been replaced with new one and light checked to ensure it works.


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