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2016 – a year of positive change for everyone

Shortly after the first of the year this site will change. No electronic media will be provided by me after the first of the year. If this site does remain the content posted will NOT be provided by me. It will be managed by Claiborne Estates Home Owners Association. Once they are in place they will direct what and how info is desseminated to the community.  Mailings, letters, web sites or other media will be up to the Board members.

If the board members create a new web site or utilize other media the content on this site will be eliminated and this site will direct you to the new HOA site or media format. After 6 months of the new site on line this site will be deleted.

NOTE: I am sure many of you will be happy with the new team, the way things are moving forward and that fact that this site will be eliminated.

After the 1st of the year my input is no longer in effect. My hope is things will work for the betterment of the entire community as you move forward. To facilitate a positive change and ensure a new start, I have removed myself from any & all official positions that may be appointed, assigned or need to be filled.

My hope is that you give the Home Owners Association team your support. Finally all residents will have skin in the game as they say. The HOA fees EVERYONE will pay will go to ensuring the common area everyone passes by when they enter the subdivision is maintained and the appearance of it are pleasing to the eye.

I will be enjoying a much needed rest from the issues at hand. I will be “supporting the Board members and the restrictions” as they are with zero changes as a home owner. I hope you do as well. 

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