Damage at entrance wall

Someone at the entrance wall is damaging the cap blocks on the wall and throwing them down into the mulched area. If you know who is doing it please ask them to stop.

If one of your children is doing this it would be greatly appreciated if you would replace those damaged blocks with new ones.

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New Owners

We have new owners at 355 Claiborne. Welcome James Howard and family to the neighborhood.

We also wish Charles & Leslie all the best & happiness in their new home & neighborhood.

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Property lines – flag pole – farm

As I understand it the property lines at the entrance are such that the flag pole is on the property of the farm and not Claiborne Estates Subdivision. If the farm is ever sold Claiborne Estates will not own the flag pole.

If next year you no longer see a flag on the pole you will know why.

This current pole is approx 35 feet tall and bolted to a concrete slab large enough to support that size pole, with a 6×10 flag in high winds. There is also the issue of the power line going to the light for the flag pole. Moving it would be very costly. Plus where to move it to, in relationship to the land owned by Claiborne Estates and the power lines above and below the ground is an issue.

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Could you imagine how nice SR2848 (Ruark Road) and other roads in KY would look if everyone took their trash home and threw it in their garbage can. I mean, come on, why do you think you have the right to throw it out your window on the roadside. Do you feel “entitled” to do so?

How about you take just a little pride and next time you feel the urge to throw your trash, bottle, cigarette pack out your window. How about you don’t.

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Not sure if you heard but the Grant County Jail will be closed in the next 90 to 120 days. While it may not mean much to you personally there is one area close to home where it does.

The inmates pick up trash on SR2948 (Ruark Road). So if any of you are feeling motivated to do so you may want to contact the County or whomever runs that program and get a team together to take on that job. If you get a team together and do an adopt a highway the county supplies vest, bag and I think gloves. You pick it up, you bag it and they come remove the bags (or you can take them to the dump.

Otherwise the trash will build up real fast with all the litterbugs living in the area.

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Local ISIS supporter taken out by local FBI

Local man & Xavier student

More information came out after the initial posting. He was a student at Xavier. The planned attack was going to be much worse than the media portrays – which is normally the case. Was planning attack and beheading against local military person. Name not given.

While you may have issues with the FBI on the Clinton case – rest assured that are protecting you locally as well.

Cincinnati FBI00003

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Suburban Pre-Buy NOW OPEN


For those of you who heat with propane July 5th through August 12th is the time period to lock in your propane use for next winter. Doing so locks in the price so even if the cost per gal goes to $4 or $5 per gal you are locked in for a designated amount of gallons, possibly saving you big. The best option is to pre-buy ALL your propane now and pay it in full.

The link to their site is in the right column under utilities. They have a few different plans each offering you different levels of savings.


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